“A Dangerous Method,” David Cronenburg’s new film starring Viggo Mortenson, Keira Knightley & Michael Fassbinder is now showing in New York & Los Angeles to rave reviews by the top critics.  As an Associate Producer on the film, this is a project I have been involved with since it was first conceived as a stage play by Christopher Hampton.

Due to popular demand, the film will open in even more cities this month with even more cities to follow.  Check the list to see when it is opening in your town:

  • December 16th: Chicago; San Francisco; Washington D.C.
  • December 23rd: Albany, N.Y.; Boston; Dallas; Hartford, Conn.; Minneapolis; New Haven, Conn.; Phoenix; Portland, Ore.; San Diego; San Jose, Calif.; Seattle; Austin, Texas.


CHEERS everyone!  This is a BIG DEAL a “non-commercial art film.” We are salmons swimming up stream! I’m been on this for 18 years because I LOVE SABINA’s story!

Check out the video above as I interview the film’s screenwriter, Christopher Hampton, about the genesis of the project from its inception as a stage play titled THE TALKING CURE.

On top of digging up the inside scoop from the film’s Oscar-winning writer, I also share some clips from the World Premier of A DANGEROUS METHOD at the Venice International Film Festival.