Very highly disturbing about FACEBOOK “experiments”! What next? As you may have noticed, I am posting less and less on Facebook. It’s seemingly “convenient” but for WHOM? Facebook to make tons of money off of us, exploiting/intruding on our basic rights for privacy? The Vietnamese have a saying “DUOC CAI NAY MAT CAI KIA: YOU GET THIS – YOU LOSE THA. We “get to” reach many friends (and strangers) ALL at once but are we LOSING A LOT?

Personal meaningful communication, for example. Don’t you miss that? Letters sent only to one person at a time? Meant for that special person? Are we simply letting ourselves be addicted thinking everyone must know where we are & what we are thinking? What is the solution, my friends?

 Just when you pooh pooh FB and say I AM NOT ON IT–everyone else is. A play I admired was planned and CAST using FACEBOOK!
What is solution in our brave new world?