TIANA ALEXANDRA-SILLIPHANT has filmed in VIET NAM & the USA for over 25 years. She has an extensive archive of original film and video material. Many stories with film & photos + rare interviews with Viet Nam’s revolutionary leaders to be donated to universities & libraries.

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A critically acclaimed award winning philanthropic filmmaker living on the edge all over the world. She was for many years a Hollywood actress & studied with Bruce Lee. They both made a pact about acting that they stuck to. Meeting Bruce Lee changed Tiana’s life forever. He introduced her to  the Oscar wining legendary writer Stirling Silliphant who wrote scripts exclusively for them both. Tiana starred in Warner Brothers films with Angie Dickinson, Robert Wagner, Rod Steiger & Robert Duval. She is a lifelong member of the Academy Arts and Sciences.

Her first film FROM HOLLYWOOD TO HANOI got raves from TIME MAGAZINE, THE NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, LA TIMES, BOSTON GLOBE, & PLAYBOY. ROGER EBERT, STUDS TURKEL, OLIVER STONE, ALLAN GINSBERG, MICHAEL MOORE, & NPR FRESH AIR singled her work out in National TV & Radio. Tiana received the Sundance Film Festival Best Non-Fiction Nomination (& other prestigious awards from THE HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH in Venice & Playboy FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AWARD ) for From Hollywood to Hanoi, a film she wrote produced & directed. She was the first shoot on location in post war Communist Viet Nam, and was invited to teach film school at Dartmouth College. She was featured on A DAY IN THE LIFE OF FILMMAKERS book & lectured on IVY LEAGUES COLLEGE campuses such as Harvard, Y, UCLA, USC, UC BERKELEY and Stanford.


Tiana is director of a NY state not for profit 501 c 3 Indochina Film Arts Foundation, she co-founded with Oliver Stone. She was the first to make a film about the plight of the Ameraisians is finishing her epic film THE GENERAL & ME, shot over 25 years, in time for April 30th where her life’s work will be showcased in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.


Tiana is a singer songwriter performer. Her LA hit song was championed on RODNEY ON the ROQ on KROQ, LA’s cool ROCK STATION. Her early music videos were AGAGA before LADY GAGA. (LINK to all 3 here?) She was the first to shoot her music videos all over the world. She was managed by Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones. Stan Lee did the post effects on her early music video DUMPED ON, shot in New Zealand. She will record her new original songs in a major exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City April 2014, to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Fall of SAIGON/LIBERATION of VIET NAM APRIL 2015. You are all invited along with special guests & Pulitzer wards winners.


Read the new book about Tiana’s life with her late husband Stirling Silliphant titled “THE FINGERS OF GOD”. He won the Academy Award, two Golden Globes, an NAACP Award, the Edgar Allen Mystery Writer, the Box Office Writer of the Year Award. He was Bruce Lee’s best friend and staunch supporter. The Silliphants have many plaques and citations signed by Master Lee himself.

25 years in the making

Tiana and her team in HCMC and KRAKOW are working hard to finish her epic film, a personal documentary about about an unlikely friendship between a legendary Master of Revolution & a Hollywood actress.



Enjoy clips of her new lifestyle show Eat Play Love shot in Turkey, Austria, Poland
France USA & all over Viet Nam! Click here