I’m in NOLA where I drove from Selma (GOOGLE BLACK SUNDAY) via Montgomery, Alabama. New Orleans sure feels like Hollywood South, a bit of Austin cool here, young Brooklyn Indie Energy. Quentin Tarantino making a film here about slavery, on haitus now, resumes in Jan. Leonardo di Cap as a slave driver having sex with black sexy slaves? Mind you, our film A DANGEROUS METHOD now out in theaters is about Sabina’s need for SM spankings from the married Dr Jung.

So if I move to NOLA, will Tarantino cast ME? Just saw John Goodman on laid back side of Magazine street. He lost a lot of weight since I saw him in that weird modern “WAITING FOR GODARD” production in NYC. He sure looks happy! Ohhh, I’m so envious as THAT state of mind not yet mine! My jaw hurts must stop grinding, I even wore the mouthguard last night, but it hurts like hell.

So why do I put myself in hell? Do you do that, as well? Should I move here? I wish to move everywhere I AM at the moment coz I do love where I am!

So where are we moving to (in our minds) this week? NOLA or NEW ZEALAND?

Lemme know your thoughts…


Take this with you: LET’s BE HAPPY WHERE WE ARE NOW